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School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationFIU's School of Journalism and Mass Communication
About the IMC
Most of the IMC activities are focused on Latin America because of the IMC location in Miami. But the IMC is capable of working in almost any part of the world. All of the program's training, education, research and technical assistance activities are based on the professional standards of the free press operating separately from and independent of the state in the democracies of the modern world.

The IMC conducts programs aimed at strengthening the professionalism of journalism, public relations and public information services in Latin America and elsewhere. Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver, Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is the general-director. John Virtue, who has more than 30 years experience as a foreign correspondent, news agency executive, newspaper editor and journalism educator with a specialty in ethics, is the director. Mercedes Vigón, a journalism educator with a background in print and television production, is the associate director.

The IMC staff has many years of professional media experience: nearly two decades of experience in providing top-quality adult education and in managing multi-million dollar projects.
The International Media Center is dedicated to helping strengthen democracy in the hemisphere and elsewhere by training journalists to act in a professional and ethical manner.